A small, beautiful rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. From high mountains, to volcanic coastline, from ocean lava pools to green forests and levadas. This all is Madeira.

Above the clouds
Madeira peaks
Green views
Hiking on the top of Madeira
Little friend
Jurassic world

Faroe Islands

Hidden in the Atlantic ocean, land of sheep and raw landscapes, you’ll find a fairytale. Isolated from the world outside, this land is the true gem of the North. Let’s hope it stays like this forever.

Housing goals
Giant’s land
11 pm
Sheep life

Arctic winter

The sun returns to Tromsø after long polar nights revealing pink skies, snowy mountains and frozen fjords. (18.1.2019)

-26 degrees
Tromsø from above
Dancing in the sky
Pink afternoon
Geomagnetic storm

Iceland – The Land of Ice and Fire

Iceland stole my heart in 2016 for the first time. It’s raw landscape, wide lava fields, snow covered glaciers and majestic waterfalls makes you feel small and insignificant.

low light season
roads for us
glacier perfection
frozen moments
snow winds
morning shower
viking view

Lofoten Islands

My favourite part of Norway lies above the Arctic Circle in the Atlantic ocean. Red houses, mountains rising straight from the sea and fish smell all around.

on the way home

Magic Slovenia

Let´s start with Slovenia is not Slovakia and vice versa:) Slovakia is my homeland, right in the middle of Europe. But if you change two letters and travel 500 km south, you will find yourself in this beautiful hidden corner of the world. There is no country that surprised me more than Slovenia. I used to travel there as a kid during summer holidays with my parents. And I´m really happy I made it back after 20 years again. Its breath-taking scenery, majestic mountains, emerald rivers and lakes will make you speechless. At least it made me.

time to relax
emerald pool
walk to remember

If you´re planning to visit Slovenia, here are some places you shouldn´t miss :

  1. Kranjska Gora – a true mountain village sitting under majestic peaks of Julian Alps. Starting point for our roadtrip around Triglav National Park.
  2. Zelenci Natural Reserve – home to interesting flora, nesting birds and the most amazing emerald waters. Located in the Sava valley only a few minutes ride from Kranjska Gora makes it a perfect stop for a snack or even more.
  3. Lake Jasna – just around the corner of Kranjska Gora you will find Jasna Lake. My jaw dropped as I looked at the scenery around. This place reminded me of Canada but far fewer tourists and much closer.
  4. Soča Valley – it is said that Soča river is one of the most beautiful in the world. I can only agree and since it is ice-cold I only dipped my toes in it. So refreshing in hot summer days!
  5. Lake Bohinj – stayed 2 nights in a pleasant hotel by the lake. In late May there were almost no tourists, the lake was calm and walking around the banks we had the places all to ourselves. Water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding are worth trying even if you are a complete beginner.
  6. Waterfall Kozjak – there are so many waterfalls around the mountains of Slovenia. We made it to Great Kozjak hidden in the narrow valley near the river Soča. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and a half-hour walk through a nice forest is completely worthy.
  7. Lake Bled – very popular tourist destination famous for its little island in the middle. Rising 130m above the lake atop of a cliff you´ll see a symbol of Bled and Slovenia – Bled Castle. Expect crowds as this place is one of the most visited.

Ready to visit Slovenia?